Our History

Fleur de Lys RFC.

Club Characters.

Over the years as with many other rugby clubs Fleur de Lys as had it share of characters. Whether it’s those individuals who are noted for their version of famous songs or to those who have their rugby club party piece, here are some of those characters:-

Robert Lippiet – Toddy.

Probably the most famous or well known of all the club characters to date, Toddy’s party piece was eating a full cooked Pig’s Head on stage. This event normally took place whenever the club had a special game or event and over the years was probably seen by thousands of rugby players and supporters alike. From ears to eyeballs and nose, nothing was spared, and funny enough there always seemed to be a mad rush for the toilets during Toddy’s performance!!!

David Potter – Potter.

As a long term committeeman and fixture secretary, Potter wasn’t excluded and his party piece was eating complete a whole brandy glass. Strange as it seems, this party piece was carried out without any cuts or damage to his mouth at all. Please note not recommended!

Craig Marshall – Marshy.

Youth Captain, Club Captain, First Team Coach what more can you say. Anyone who has had the privilege to meet Marshy over the years will know he’s Flower through and through. No particular party piece to mention but if you want a sing song here’s the ideal candidate for Concert Chairman, a one off!!!

Keith Thomas – Bolshi.

Probably pound for pound some people would argue the best player Fleur de Lys RFC has produced over the years. Played well over 400 games for the club, resisted many offers from the big name clubs while in his prime. Since his retirement Bolshi has dedicated his life to the well running of the club, presently a Trustee and rugby development officer. Why the name Bolshi – work it out for yourself?

Lyn Jones - Ponty.

Max Boyce made it famous, but Ponty’s version of “Dew its Hard” brought tears to many a grown mans eyes!

Dennis Carpenter - Carpy.

Probably the best version of Berle Ives - Ugly Bug Ball, you had to see it to believe it!

Allan Evans - Reggie.

Everybody joined in this South Pacific song - Nothing like a Dame, especially if there were members of the opposite sex in close proximity. If you want to go on tour he's the man to arrange it they don't call him "Reggietours" for nothing!!!

Andrew Morris - Dougan.

David Alexander’s Mist on the Mountain was regularly ruined by Dougan. Without doubt his bravery on the field playing full back cost him the chance to win his club cap, unfortunate with injuries and had to retire well before his sell by date.

Dewi Jones.

Travelling Light, this Cliff Richard song was Dewi’s favourite and normally started the evening’s entertainment off.